Leading the Best. Managing Friction.
Generating Co-Intelligence.

These are three essential concerns of top executives today. In our notoriously competitive age rules by which leadership, business and people’s lives function are dramatically changing through digitalization, globalization, shifts in societal values etc. In this new context 21st century executives need the ability to develop a performance atmosphere that:

  • Transports corporate humans into a powerful pro-performance mode, including precious representatives of Generation Z!.  That’s a mode which even makes “stress” have a number of positive, even exciting components.
  • Skillfully balances (1) productive competitiveness with (2) intelligent cohesion – in both key individuals and within business units.
  • Contributes to a role model cooperation among top executives that people learn-from-by-seeing (directly, with their own eyes).
  • Contains intelligent, constructive friction – one that adds to the wealth of intellectual viewpoints; and is clearly supreme to still much too frequent discord at the top that is disorienting for (among others) top talent, clouds an organization’s clarity and robs valuable corporate momentum.
  • All of the above performance elements help turn organizations and divisions into effective magnets for the most promising leadership talent.

Prominent U.S. and European organizations have experienced over many years that the positive features mentioned above can be successfully implemented with Lauda Leadership Dynamics (hereafter ‘Lauda’).

Lauda is a knowledge company dedicated to solving crucial, real-life leadership issues. We propel building and ongoing development of essential 21st century leadership skills in individuals and in entire leadership circles. Here Lauda offers:

Tom Lauda is a highly competent coach. We especially appreciated the combination of a capable intellect with having the heart in the right place, and being always hundred percent committed to his client.Werner Penk, Senior Partner, Heidrick & Struggles; Head, Global Industry Practice

Tom Lauda has a unique gift for energizing teams and individuals in organizations, enabling them to reach their next performance level. His approach is especially helpful in situations with many complex characters and conflicting personalities who urgently need to work together for an important objective.Rainer Salfeld, Director, McKinsey & Company

I have been enormously impressed by Dr. Lauda – not only by the quality of what he does but also by the quality of who he is.Sumantra Ghoshal (1948-2004), Professor of Strategic and International Management,
London Business School

Lauda's unconventional ways to strengthen presentation skills have been a real benefit for us.Nathan Shuchami, Executive, Enigma

I have worked with many executive coaches over the last 20 years. Many of these coaches have been good. Tom Lauda however, is simply great. In his unique and very pleasant way, Tom quickly gains a deep understanding of the individual. He will fully engage with the individual and their environment for mutually owned diagnosis, actual development and resolution of issues.Anton de Kock, VP HR EMEA, Ecolab

What We Bring to the Table

  • A profound expertise in shaping the unique behavioral dynamics and accelerating the development paths of individual leaders.
  • Innovative ways to solidly enhance the interaction dynamics among executives.
  • Valued guidance for the multicultural reality of business and leadership spanning the globe.

Our skills are firmly rooted in Tom Lauda’s experience with European, North American and some Asian business cultures over many years.