Core Expertise

At the core of the Lauda-Method are the following skills

  • Profound understanding of how individual executivestick” as unique professionals/human beings – and how to leverage this into strong learning and development.
  • Ability to establish a state of dynamic cohesion and performance within executive boards that contain a variety of divergent personalities or functional interests (and have enough, genuine interest/investment in improving their game).
  • Capability to build effective bridges between not only executives but also competing business units – to enhance overall productivity.

The combination of these skills ensures that we are bringing great benefit to both individual executives as well as management teams. Our ability to improve and enhance the dynamics of interaction within senior leadership circles has made us a trusted partner of leading, international organizations.

What clients say they especially appreciate about Lauda

  • Steady 100% commitment.
  • Ability to excel under challenging circumstances.
  • Understanding and respect for cultural differences and for specific corporate cultures.
  • Speed of impact: we are able to provide insight on the root causes of challenges, develop strategies for change, and bring solid results within four to six months.

Characteristic Challenges

Scenarios that let organizations work with Lauda

  • New strategies need swift implementation but there is strong internal resistance from important divisions or departments.
  • Competing divisions or departments get involved in counterproductive turf battles which lead to missed business opportunities, and sometimes mediocrity of performance.
  • Valuable 'A-type Managers' personalities clash – with key work processes and the speed of intelligent decision making suffering.
  • Top talent is leaving the company due to their frustration with the leadership culture.
  • Proven managers need to expand their leadership skills in order to deliver on increased levels of responsibility.

About Tom Lauda

Tom Lauda

As one of the earliest executive coaches in Europe, and as a global pioneer of team coaching in management, Tom Lauda merged his earlier experiences in competitive sports and his training in law with his ability to get diverse types of individuals and groups to engage in constructive, forward moving interaction.

Today Tom Lauda’s coaching style is characterized by his abilities to:

1. Bring an executive’s leadership impact up one or more notches
2. Enhance the dynamics and genuineness of his clients’ key relationships
3. Broaden his clients’ comprehensive, personal vitality by utilizing the interface of their mental, emotional and physical energy as well as winning authenticity – thus crystallizing further the essence of their individuality
4. Grasp the dynamics of a leader’s broader work environment with unusual accuracy in order to design creative behavioral strategies (especially important when the coach’s direct exposure to this environment is not readily available).
The above four areas are often key triggers for success – especially in challenging, professional scenarios.

Born in Vienna/Austria in 1955, Tom’s early experiences included amateur ski racing and serving in the Austrian mountain infantry (reserve officer). He began a career in motor racing at age 19 and soon moved to England, the Mecca of racing. There he also taught aspiring drivers at the world’s top motor racing school how to break through to new levels of skill and speed. Completing his parallel studies in law at the Universities of Vienna and Salzburg, Tom received a doctorate in 1981. In 1986, after dedicating himself to applied work psychology in the U.S., and working for a European-Saudi-Arabian joint venture as well as a global leading bank, Tom merged all his insights into pathways for bringing work dynamics in management teams to new levels.

Tom has taught at numerous business schools in the U.S., Europe and Asia and has been an invited speaker at the United Nations, the St. Gallen Symposium and the World Business Dialogue. He presently lives in Zurich.