Core Expertise
Characteristic Scenarios


 What We Bring to the Table 

Core skills within LAUDA’s know-how include:

  • Swiftly and profoundly grasping the uniqueness of an executive’s individuality – incl. the wealth of the not-yet-activated potential.
  • Bringing the action and behavioral style of leaders to new heights; and esp. so before they engage in even broader responsibilities.
  • Advancing the interaction dynamics in executive circles while supporting each member with their own, individual growth as a leader.
  • Managing multicultural realities in leadership of businesses that span the globe.
  • Encouraging high potentials for tomorrow’s top responsibilities.

It’s the combination of these skills that lets LAUDA bring substantial benefit to individual leaders and/or to key teams. Our ability to improve the very dynamics of leadership has made LAUDA a trusted partner of leading, global organizations.

Additionally, clients appreciate especially (according to their own statements)

  1. Steady 100% commitment and availability (incl. weekends)
  2. Ability to excel under challenging circumstances.
  3. Agreeable ways of interpersonal relating, frankness, guidance and behavioral logic.
  4. Winning frankness and guidance as well as striking logic in creative, behavioral approaches.
  5. Speed of impact.



  • Proven executives strive for continued building of their leadership skills in order to deliver in even higher responsibilities, with equal success.
  • New members complement a top team and want to avoid lengthy trial and error to swiftly generate highly effective modes of collaborating. A mix of onboarding and focus on optimizing team dynamics is the call of the hour.
  • To accelerate cultural change in how leaders interact among each other is seen as key for the organization’s future success. The topmost team takes responsibility for how its own dynamics impacts the rest of the company, and especially young management talent.
  • New corporate strategies necessitate swift implementation – essential business units/managers lag behind in orientation or action.
  • Market success gets sabotaged by oversized attention to internal affairs. A striking, new logic of time/energy invested helps initiate fresh forward movement.
  • While capable managers and leaders generate substantial success with their teams overlaps with other essential corporate teams are rough or even counterproductive. Those teams also contribute essentially to the total bottom line. LAUDA has a hand in initiating a broader, heartfelt movement toward Our-Company-Is-Team.