Executive Coaching
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Individual Leadership Coaching

Executive personalities are unique – therefore each leader has his/her own individual learning path-and-pace. Strong individualization in supporting executives to reach their next levels is guaranteed quality in LAUDA’s Individual Leadership Coaching – whether the focus is on positively leading and relating to people/humans (in all directions), increasing the momentum in core tasks/projects, or “leading oneself”: one’s own personal energy resources.


LAUDA regularly covers three basic, auspicious and “juicy” focus areas:

  • KEY RELATIONSHIPS    –  Innovative reflection of one’s primary relationship circle leads to a new focus for the upcoming 2-3 months. And to a tailored strategy for enhancing each relationship – one at a time; and to implementing it
  • KEY CHALLENGES     –  We deliver new perspectives on and solutions for especially demanding issues at the core of an executive’s professional responsibility. The personal approach gets modified or enriched; access to new solutions result. The leader’s challenges benefit – so does his/her broader, personal-professional learning.
  • KEY VITALITY     –  Mature authenticity based on robust vivacity (mentally, emotionally, physically and relationally) lets executives achieve leadership excellence. LAUDA’s deep coaching know-how optimizes the interface between the above, vital elements of winning personal-professional vitality.

Executive Boards – the Evolution Game

As one of the worldwide pioneers in coaching corporate management teams, LAUDA’s work today is based on an extensive wealth of know-how in productive live interactions with top teams.

Accelerated Co-Action is LAUDA’s innovative approach that lets top teams achieve more effective operating dynamics without having to become a ‘role model team’ overnight. A few key team members kick off essential communication improvements – no need for everyone’s commitment to a fully-blown team coaching program. Rather, the focus is on first enhancing specific key relationship dynamics and cooperation dynamics within the team. The very modality and spirit in which this is done is conducive to creating more co-effective bonds among other members in the broader top circle as well.

At the core of this LAUDA process is the accelerated establishment of three qualities that great executive boards excel in:

  • UNIFIED INTELLECTS – valuable intellects discover new fusion power. A co-operating mode gets kicked off that begins to trigger the intelligence of genuine cohesiveness.
  • FOCUSED STAMINA – executive members gain more muscle within their mental unity. Mutual support (re)gains its positive momentum and begins to pay dividends in terms of business. And also in terms of the fuel called productive fun.
  • DYNAMIC SPARK – new levels of shared spark turn “positively contagious,” and so way beyond top management. The visible, superior dynamics of an agile, highly effective top circle becomes convincing to a larger pool of valuable contributors.