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Individual Leadership Sparring

Leaders with a skillful balance between their various strengths are fundamental to the success of organizations. Similarly, robust vivacity – mentally, emotionally, physically and (!)relationally – is core to an individual leader’s longer-term career success.

Systematically developing a company’s executive talent pool requires elements of strong individualization. Personal sparring or coaching empowers such dedicated focus. Actually, for an international 21st century organization it’s a key component in moving toward leadership excellence.


Covering the below three focal areas has been proven key in our many years of experience and success:

  • KEY RELATIONSHIPS    –  Here, innovative grasping of important relationships leads to:
    (1) Re-defining the members of one’s own circle of prioritized relationships
    (2) Implementing a promising, intelligent strategy for enhancing each relationship in this circle – one by one.
  • KEY CHALLENGES     –  We deliver new perspectives on and solutions for demanding issues at the core of an executive’s responsibilities. Solutions regularly propel progress in both the business itself and in a leader’s valuable personal learning.
  • KEY VITALITY     –  We optimize the essential interface between a leader’s mental, emotional and physical vitality. At the same time we facilitate the discovery of healthy energy reservoirs to bolster the impact  an executive can have in his/her day-to-day life.

SKILL COMBINATION for optimizing clients’ leadership dynamics:

  • Understanding crucial details of how a leader’s mental, emotional and physical vivacity (fields of personal energy) interact with each other – and how to attain significant improvements in it when desired.
  • Knowing how to enrich a manager’s overall quality of leadership in ways perfectly attuned to his or her unique individuality. And this way grasping a leader’s one-in-a-kind growth dynamics.
  • Effectively translating all such attained improvements into the often decisive terrain of relationship dynamics.
  • Removing unnecessary friction debris when important for a leader’s career.
  • Promoting the ongoing evolution of congenial authenticity at the core of an executive’s life.

Executive Boards – the Evolution Game

As one of the worldwide pioneers in coaching corporate management teams, LAUDA’s work today is based on an extensive wealth of know-how in live interventions with top teams.

LAUDA has lately developed and successfully implemented an innovative approach – Accelerated Co-ActionThis process lets top teams achieve more effective operating dynamics without having to become a ‘role model team’ overnight. And without every single member needing to be fully committed to a team coaching program. Rather, the focus is on enhancing key cooperation and relationship dynamics within a management group in ways that naturally lead to the entire circle’s higher co-effectiveness.

At the core of this innovative LAUDA process is the accelerated establishment of three qualities that great executive boards excel in:

  • UNIFIED INTELLECTS – co-operating with the intelligence of genuine cohesiveness. Valuable intellects discover new fusion power.
  • FOCUSED STAMINA – executive members gain more muscle within their above, mental unity. Mutual support (re)gains its positive momentum and begins to pay dividends in terms of business (and the fuel of productive fun).
  • DYNAMIC SPARK – new levels of shared spark turn “positively contagious” (and way beyond top management). The superior dynamics of an agile, highly effective top circle becomes convincing to a larger pool of highly valuable contributors.

Accelerated Co-Action accommodates the following, frequent requests or needs:

  • Absolutely minimized additional time investment.
  • Even members skeptical of generic team building often turn out to be open to engaging innovatively and entrepreneurially re. the cooperative dynamics with well-selected others.
  • Building mutual trust doesn’t happen overnight – yet a continuous, positive development curve is what counts for all involved. And for the business.

Tomorrow’s Leadership Dynamics

Facilitating an authentic, dynamic outlook on leadership as a preparation for future leadership responsibilities – that’s been at the core of Dr. Lauda’s activities at international business schools over the years. And encouraging the development of positive personal ethics central to one’s professional energy. Dr. Lauda’s refreshing style, candidness and at times unorthodox views have made him a favorite lecturer with many students in three continents.

Dr. Lauda’s academic teaching record includes:

  • UCLA, University of California in Los Angeles, Anderson Business School
  • Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management
  • Fordham University, Graduate School of Business Administration
  • Vienna University of Economics & Business Administration
  • University of St. Gallen
  • University of Geneva (HEC)
  • University of Sydney, Graduate School of Business
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB)
  • Art Center College of Design, Pasadena/Los Angeles.