Core Expertise

Skills at the core of our know-how 

  1. Swiftly and accurately grasping the essential details of a specific leader’s unique individuality – vs. his/her temporary personality.
  2. Ability to render the interaction between mental, emotional, and physical dynamics in executives more effective. Achieving that in sync with innate authenticity and in ways that promote enhanced, bottom line work results.
  3. Upping essential relationship dynamics of an individual leader.
  4. Bringing entire leadership circles or management teams to yet unseen levels of synchronized collaboration dynamics.

Lauda achieves substantial improvements in the above areas due to a rare toolset including:

  • Rapidly cutting through to the essence of leadership issues.
  • Building effective bridges between executives with very diverse styles and character; and between competing business units.
  • Inserting more muscle into executives’ well-being amid stress.
  • Swiftly establishing dynamically cohesive performance within leadership circles – especially when/where divergent personalities or close functional interests endanger such performance.

It’s the combination of these skills that lets us bring substantial benefit to individual leaders and/or to key teams. Our ability to improve the very dynamics of leadership has made us a trusted partner of leading, global organizations.

According to their own statements CLIENTS APPRECIATE especially:

  • Steady 100% commitment and availability (incl. weekends)
  • Ability to excel under challenging circumstances.
  • Agreeable ways of interpersonal relating, frankness, guidance and behavioral logic.
  • Winning frankness and guidance as well as striking logic in creative, behavioral approaches.
  • Speed of impact.

Characteristic Challenges

Scenarios that let organizations work with Lauda

  • Proven upper managers want to expand their leadership skills for delivering equally well in even more elevated positions.
  • Business units have a hard time reaching their goals while dedicating themselves overly to e.g. internal affairs and ‘political’ activities. A striking, new logic is needed to move fragmented performance towards a fresh forward movement gaining momentum.
  • Capable leaders generate great success with their teams of direct reports. Yet those teams have a hard time generating smooth overlaps with other essential corporate teams also contributing to the total bottom line that decides upon the organization’s business success. Kicking off a larger movement toward Company-Is-Team.
  • Top teams are complemented by new members and need to swiftly generate a highly effective cooperation mode – without much trial and error. People in various parts of the organization coming to directly see, sense or indirectly hear of such positive collaboration will accelerate paramount work processes in many places within the company.

About Tom Lauda

Tom Lauda

Tom Lauda was one of the earliest executive coaches in Europe and is a global pioneer of team coaching in management. Following amateur ski racing and time serving as a reserve officer in his native Austria’s mountain infantry (as well as ABC weapons defense) – he started a career in motor racing and soon moved to England, the Mecca of racing. There he also taught aspiring drivers at the world’s top motor racing school how to break through to new levels of speed and other racing skills. Completing his parallel studies in law at the Universities of Vienna and Salzburg, Tom received a doctorate in 1981. He then worked for a global leader in financial services, and then for a European-Saudi-Arabian joint venture. He also dedicated himself to studying applied work psychology, largely in the U.S.  In the early 90’s Tom merged all insights derived from his diverse fields of experience into pathways for (A) bringing individual managers to effective new levels of leadership. And for (B) improving the interaction dynamics in management teams.

Today Tom’s genuine enthusiasm and deep commitment is  in:
(1) helping highly talented executives to attain their next level of leadership capabilities that are in sync with their inborn authenticity. Capabilities that prove clearly valuable for the fulfillment of their overall professional-human potential. And that have simultaneous, positive effects on their personal well-being – even when engulfed in considerable stress.
(2) introducing new levels of productive, intelligent Co-Dynamics into leadership teams that they’d never like to miss anymore. Nor would their professional environment. The entire organization is positively affected by the team’s new approach and skills.

His clients include global organizations such as AllianzBertelsmannBritish TelecomEcolab, Hewlett-PackardJLL, McKinsey & CompanySCA, Siemens, Swarovski, and Zurich Insurance Group. As well as a number of globally successful mid-sized organizations. As a dynamic speaker Tom Lauda presented at e.g. the United Nations in New York, at the World Business Dialog and the International Management Symposium in St. Gallen.

Tom has taught at numerous business schools, in the U.S., Europe and SE Asia and has been an invited speaker at the United Nations, the St. Gallen Symposium and the World Business Dialogue.

Tom has studied with some of the world’s most sophisticated and well-known teachers of mindfulness and of calming one’s individual mind. He started at age 25 and is still progressively practicing the more advanced skill dimensions therein. He presently lives in East Switzerland.